Kiss and Make Up (Single: Jan 2008)

by Kotki Dwa

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Look into the red light
Tell you everything I see
Bouncing off the tin foil
Blue tacked to my time machine
Time flies by in kilowat-hours and cups of tea
Tune to Radio Luxembourg and get the sound of the seaside
Suddenly see you
Clear as a crystal ball
Talking on a telephone
Making a telephone call
You say "Cheer up it might never happen,
It might never happen at all"
And you smile (ding)

And you've forgiven everyone for everything forever
So there's nobody left to hate
And everyone appreciates the honour of your offer
So everybody thinks your great
So great that you feel like a million pounds
Even though you only look like five
No need to catastrophise, trust me
Everything looks alright

All of the things I see in my mind's eye
Trying to look ahead for more hindsight
Come on machine don't fail me now
Don't give up the ghost, come on
Gliding above the world like Acquilla
Cities are gardens, motorways rivers
All of the bouncing sunbeams and mirrors
All of them disappear as I bang my head

Where's your dad just to bang our heads together
Take the toys away if we're not prepare to share them
We forget we're friend
We forget that you need me as much as I need you
We don't have to be as different as you think we are
But we fail to communicate
We go too far
Waste time and energy
Open up and calm down now
You're wasting what we could still be
Can't you see that it's your temper
And it ruins the game
It spoils everything
It shatters our dreams
And knocks down anything that you build with me
Our own worst enemies
Kiss and make up
Please make friends with me


released January 4, 2008



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