Le Beau Charcutier (Single: Mar 2008)

by Kotki Dwa

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We wrote this track for the Tate Tracks competition. It's about a painting by Francis Picabia called 'Le Beau Charcutier' (The Handsome Pork Butcher). We won the comp and this song went on headphones in the Tate Modern, alongside the painting.


Bonjour, je suis Le Beau Charcutier
I'm ever so sorry I'm late
Je suis vraiment désolé
Been painting my hair and combing my face
Just to get the squealing out of my ears takes a day
And the piggy faces out of my tears takes another
They trot through my nightmares and keep me awake
They try to escape me and call for their mothers
But not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin
Will I let them evade me
Do I ever give in
The business is lonely
It ruins my days
I'm so pleased to meet you
Je suis enchanté

Can you tell I've made such special effort?
Est Ce Que Je Peux dancer La Valse avec vous?
Look in my eyes I'm not going to hurt you
Je n'ai rien ci je ne vous ai pas (dodgy)

My cold heart
Mon couteau froid
The night's so dark
Je l'adore mais pourquoi?

My curly tailed friends
have all met terrible ends
They trust me and depend
But all of my love is pretend
My feelings are ugly
My body's a shame
My heart is so tired
I've lost my own name
My eyes are like plums kicked around in the rain
My hands are like shadows
They don't feel pain
But nothing compares to the din in my head
Of a thousand companions that I have mis-lead
I lied to each one of them
Now they're all dead
Just as long as les gens de Paris are all fed

I need you to touch me and tell me I'm here
Je me sense comme un mirage
Je voudrais sortir
I will do anything to make you stay here
Ceci c'est une soirée
Won't you save me my tears?

My cold heart
Mon couteau froid
The night's so dark
Je l'adore mais pourquoi?


released March 9, 2008



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